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General Rules & Regulation:

1. Electric bill is not included in hostel fee. It will be charged as per meter reading allocated to each room. Please make sure you switch off all electric instruments when no use.
2. Late night entry after 11.00 pm. Is not permissible. Students shall not remain absent during night between 11.00 PM to 6.00 AM without the prior permission of the rector. However for any such eventuality that may occur, the responsibility does not lie with the hostel authorities.
3. Students shall not be permitted to stay in hostel during their mid-term vacation or final vacation.
4. Hostel authorities and it’s staff will not be responsible for any mishap incident with student due to natural disaster, suside and/or attempt to suside etc.
5. Student should behave in such a matter that is not a nuisance to the roommates or the neighbours.
6. Consumption or storage or supplying of any alcoholic liquor or drug material, tobacco chewing and smoking is strictly prohibited and any body found guilty the same will be dealt severely. Any kind of gambling is also prohibited.
7. Formation of association of students on the basis of regions, religious, cast or creed is not permitted, during their stay in the hostel.
8. Every student must stay in the accommodation allotted to him.
9. Friends are not allowed to stay during night time in any case not even during the exam time or vacation time.
10. Female visitors are not permitted to visit any time into Hostel without the permission of the rector.
11. Hostel students shall not leave the hostel without prior permission of the rector. They shall have to apply in prescribed form in advance stating the reason for leaving and the address of destination. Hostel students who leave hostel without the application and the permission shall be deemed to be missing and parents/Guardian/police authorities may be intimated, in consultation with the hostel owner.
12. A hostel student will be completely responsible for all his belongings including his mobile phone/ laptop/ vehicles. The hostel administration will not be responsible in case of any loss or damage to such belongings.
13. Hostel inmates will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss/ damage to properties, equipments and other fittings in the common place. In case damageor loss of any part of hostel buildings, furniture, apparatus or other property of hostel, including playing instruments, caused by inmates, yhe loss shall be recovered from the persons identified as responsible for such damage. However , if the persons causing damage cannot be identified, the cost of repairing the same may be assessed and distributed equally among all the inmates of the hostel or group of inmates of hostel .
14. Damage to wall or wall color or any type of damage inside the room will be incurred from the deposit of each person without obligation. After leaving room must be returned in the same condition it was given otherwise cleaning charge will be deducted from security deposit.
15. Students should lock their room properly when they leave the room.
16. The rector or any authorized member of the hostel can inspect room of any student in the hostel at any time without notification.
17. Hostel inmates are required to maintain their surrounding neat and clean.
18. Ragging of any kind is severely punishable as per the Supreme Court directives leading to expulsion from the hostel. As such, students are advised not to include in such activity.
19. Water conservation should be followed strictly. Taps in bathroom/toilets must be closed whenever they are not in use.
20. T.V. audio system should be used properly and must be switched off when no use.
21. Pornography is strictly prohibited inside the room as well as in T.V room.
22. Additional kit like ball, carom stickers, powder, bat, racket, etc… will not be provided.
23. Mess menu will be designed by hostel management committee . the menu shall be displayed in the dining hall of the hostel.
24. The students should strictly observe the prescribed mess timings.
25. Wastage of food in the mess must be avoided.
26. Hostel authority reserves the right to evict any hosteller immediately if his stay causes disciplinary or any other problems.